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Do you want to get more and better clients, be found instead of wasting too much time on cold calls and e-mails, create an impressive LinkedIn profile and be seen as an authority in your field? Join my course now!

Personal Branding enabled me to work with clients like Bosch, SAP and Hult International Business School. It also got me featured in magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur ME, Khaleej Times, Inc. (they called me a "LinkedIn Marketing Unicorn"). Lastly, it even gifted me with numerous awards.

Furthermore, Personal Branding made me a better storyteller: I scored two viral posts on LinkedIn in 2016 and was featured in LinkedIn's #inittogether campaign in 2018, which allowed me to build an international community with over 146,000 followers across my social media platforms.

BTW, if you do not feel that you can grow your personal brand to the next level after working through this course, no worries. I offer a 60 days money back guarantee!

The true, authentic you
Getting started
Worksheet Chapter 2
LinkedIn profile Part 1
And 28 more videos


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  • 1 - Introduction
  • 1 - Welcome
  • 2 - Sharpen your profile. Understand your UVP
  • 1 - The true, authentic you
  • 2 - Getting started
  • 3 - Worksheet Chapter 2
  • 3 - Create an outstanding LinkedIn profile
  • 1 - LinkedIn profile Part 1
  • 2 - LinkedIn profile Part 2
  • 3 - LinkedIn profile Part 3
  • 4 - Further LinkedIn profile hacks
  • 5 - Your first photo shooting
  • 4 - Your story & the art of storytelling
  • 1 - Storytelling basics
  • 2 - Worksheet Chapter 4
  • 3 - Your Story
  • 5 - Content strategy & engaging content
  • 1 - Social Media - myths & fears
  • 2 - Engaging content Part 1
  • 3 - Engaging content Part 2
  • 4 - Your first LinkedIn video
  • 5 - Worksheet Chapter 5
  • 6 - Build an epic social network & online community
  • 1 - Building an online community
  • 2 - The power of social ties
  • 3 - Worksheet Chapter 6
  • 7 - Public relations & proving your expert status
  • 1 - Proving your credibility
  • 2 - Body language & outer appearance
  • 3 - Worksheet Chapter 7
  • 8 - A few last thoughts
  • 1 - Congratulations
  • 9 - Appendix I: LinkedIn
  • 1 - 6 daily LinkedIn steps
  • 2 - How to write a LinkedIn Recommendation
  • 3 - Publishing an Article on LinkedIn
  • 4 - The "30K connections problem"
  • 5 - LinkedIn Kudos
  • 10 - Appendix II: FAQs
  • 1 - How to write an Article
  • 2 - How to deal with Internet Trolls & Haters
  • 3 - How to manage Stage Fright
  • 4 - From Like to Lead
33 Lessons, Duration: 02:32:33
I would describe this self-study course as absolute "imperative self-development". It is a course for everyone who is working on stepping up his or her personal brand; and his or her own (online) identity. The public relations chapter was my favorite one. I have noticed a lot of points I can further strengthen and develop - for my own personal brand as well as my company's brand. Thumbs up, Dr. Natalia.

Julia Jaeckle (UAE)

I love this course. After completing just a few modules, I understand my own unique value proposition, the possibilities within LinkedIn to reach my professional goals and how to maximize my own unique personal story and articulate it in a powerful way. So, thank you for creating and offering this self-study online course, Dr. Natalia. It’s awesome!

Brian Hughes (USA)

My biggest achievement since working with Dr. Natalia is being able to confidently share my story and myself as a brand. I have had success on social media, appeared on two TV interviews, and seen an increase in my business offerings. I know my business and brand will be a big success and I owe a lot to Dr. Natalia for giving me the confidence to share my story.

Jane Stoller (Canada)

It was a great pleasure for me to work with Dr. Natalia. I was looking for a LinkedIn Expert who does not talk about what needs to be done but also walks the talk. She is very clear, uncomplicated and authentic in her communication. Just like her claim: Authentic is the new perfect! Because of her, I started a podcast show, which allowed me to interview outstanding thought leaders from various backgrounds and expand my social network.

Sacha Jecht (Germany)

Dr. Natalia has helped me improving my profile on LinkedIn and allowed me to grow through support and personal coaching.Through her vibrant energy and her knowledge I have learnt the importance and various facets of personal branding. She showed me the power of LinkedIn videos and helped me expanding my following from 500 to over 3000 contacts in less than 6 months.

Astrid Ellis (UAE)