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Master your Personal Brand. On LinkedIn and offline.

Do you want to get more and better clients, be found instead of wasting too much time on cold calls and e-mails, create an impressive LinkedIn profile and be seen as an authority in your field? Then join my course now!

Personal Branding enabled me to work with clients like Bosch, SAP and Hult. It also got me featured in mags like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. (they called me a "LinkedIn Marketing Unicorn"). Lastly, it even gifted me with numerous awards. Furthermore, Personal Branding made me a better storyteller: I scored two viral posts on LinkedIn in 2016 and was featured in LinkedIn's #inittogether campaign in 2018, which allowed me to build an international community with over 146,000 followers across social media.

Based on my lessons learned and failures, I have developed a 6-step personal branding success formula that will - amongst others - teach you how (to):

  • Sharpen your personal brand and understand your uniqueness
  • Create an outstanding LinkedIn profile
  • Tell great stories and how to tell your story in a compelling way
  • Create "viral" content that people like and engage with
  • Build an online community and your dream social network
  • Prove your credibility and authority status

My online course consists out of 8 chapters (plus an appendix), 32 knowledge-packed videos, access to an exclusive Facebook group, worksheets with 10 questions/tasks, tests and templates, which will make sure that you grow your personal brand to the next level. Let's get started now!

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